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The Wolf Who Cried's Journal
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Date:2004-04-01 04:02
Subject:"You know the great thing about dance clubs is no one can hear you fart"

Work sucked ass tonight. It was so damn slow, andI barely got any sales. On top of that, I got to close all by my self, so it was extra boring. AND, I didn't even have a key or a passcode for the security system so I had to have mike come back in to lock up. Thank you Mikey.

But after work I had fun. Ashley and I hung out all night watching southpark and other great comedy central shows (RICK JAMES BITCH!) and no Larry, she doesn't have a boyfriend.

Happy birthday to my boy lagle, who's 22. Yay!

And tomorrow after class, I think Josh love and I are gonna work on the script some more, that's if I can get a hold of him, and Ashley will probably come hang out too. The script's pretty much done, it just needs to be smoothed out and minor details taken care of.

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Date:2004-03-30 00:44
Subject:crazy times at radioshack tonight

I had to call the cops on some people tonight at the shack. It was a first for me. They were yelling at each other about money and keys to a van. I asked the woman who's keys had been taken if she wanted me to call the police, and she did. I kept thinking of the show COPS as I sat on the phone talking to dispatch, telling the details of the event, descriptions of the perps, and the specs of their van. While I was doing that, Mike was on the other line with Don the manager letting him know what was going on. When the cops got there, Mike and I locked up and stood at the front door watching. We had to stay in case the officer needed a statement.

It got interesting at one point because the cop started yelling at them really loud. They were clear on the other side of the Walmart parking lot, by the gas station, and we could still hear him. But in the end, no one got arrested and the cops just drove past us and waved, no statements taken.

The woman who we called the cops for was very appreciative and said that she was gonna write Don and commend him on our customer service. I hope she does, because there is a RadioShack Outstanding Customer Service Award we could win if she does. We'd be recognized nationally among all the RadioShacks.

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Date:2004-03-26 02:56
Subject:112 PAGES!!!
Mood:i'm manic d man

That's right boys and girls, the script for "Fanboys" hit 112 pages tonight. It's almost done. I'm really starting to get excited now. Josh Love came over at noon today, and between cigarette breaks, watching Dane Cook, and a mandatory trip to White Castle, we worked on the script until about 2 in the morning. Together we added about 20 pages. It's more tiring than it sounds. Seriously. I may find some of my brain on my pillow when I wake up in the morning. Those of you who have been following it's progress may soon be recieving a final draft for your reading pleasure and enjoyment.

Of course in the following months we face the fun tasks of pre-production. The hunt for equipment, actors, and of course funding begins. Anyone wanna join in on the action?

Tomorrow Jersey Girl and Lady Killers come out. Josh and I are gonna pull a double feature and catch them both hopefully. I'm nervous... my love of Kevin Smith is definatly on the line here.

I'm finally done re-training for my job at radioshack. It was a long week, leading me all over Ohio, including one insanely fun 6 hour round trip drive to Warren for my NEO. Let the money making begin.

In my always fun and exciting love life I actually have news. I'm still just dating around, and I'm actaully starting to get warmed up to it again after years of being out of practice due to a steady girlfriend. TJ and I where out last night with some of the gang hanging at BW3s again and I met a cool girl who was smart and all into movies and such. We exchanged numbers, but unfortunatly she goes to college at Kent, so nothing's going to come out of that. Hope and I haven't seen each other for awhile now, due to us both suddenly starting jobs, and it sucks as our days off never match up. Last week I bumped into 2 different girls I knew from highschool, one at a bar and one at a video store. I hadn't seen either of them for years. We exchanged numbers under the pretense of watching a movie sometime but as I have yet to get ahold of either of them. So I don't see shit happening. Shit, this has actually happened to me twice this month. What the fuck it wrong with me? Anyway, the girl at the photo desk in walmart wants my nuts, and seeing as it's been way to long since anyones had them, I think I'll give her a try.

I can't believe I'm posting this shit. Doesn't matter, no one fucking reads it.

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Date:2004-03-14 05:54
Subject:My comedy writing class

Ok, you all know I did my stand up routine. But the class isn't over yet. There's still a few miscellaneous assignments I have to turn in on monday. One of them is a 2 page column or humorous paper of sorts. I jokingly told Mark I was going to turn in my script (which he wants to read anyway) and he told me that I could write a synopsis of it for the assignment if I wanted. I of course did. Please, my friends, do me the favor of reading this and tell me what you think. Leave some good, timely feedback, because like I said it's due monday.

Fanboys is an offbeat comedy about four guys with the same dream, making their own full-length feature film. A fanboy, for those who don’t know, is anyone who is seemingly over obsessive about a given element of sub, cult, or even pop culture. Star Wars is a good example, since everyone has at least heard of it.

If you like Star Wars, you could easily be considered a fan of the films, but not necessarily a fanboy. A fanboy has seen the films at least 20 times, can quote and act out most or all of them, and owns a toy light saber. It is considered to be a sign of prestige if a film is able to capture an audience to the point that it generates its own fanboy following.

That being said, Fanboys is an offbeat comedy about four guys with the same dream, having some fanboys of their own. The movie is what I often refer to as a segment film, because the movie itself is not a whole story, but rather only the key turning point of said story. Basically the story has started before you start watching, but all the pieces are there for you to figure out what’s going on. Again, look to the original Star Wars film for an example of this story telling technique.

The segment takes place after the script has been written, but before the movie has been filmed. So basically it covers the most important part of filmmaking: Pre-Production. It takes some serious dough to crank out a motion picture, be it even an independent one. This is the driving element for the main characters in Fanboys.

So just like taking a chunk out of a group of people’s lives, there are many events; some seemingly random, some planned. In the case of this movie, they are planning on financing their film, but they don’t know how. A series of what are at first seemingly unconnected events will ultimately lead them down the path that is their destiny.

It is on that very path that the viewer will witness (keeping in mind that this is an offbeat comedy from an offbeat mind) zombies, ninjas, and a punk fashion show to top it all off. These seemingly strange occurrences will make at least a little sense given the circumstances in the film; that much I can assure you. And seeing as it’s a film about culture buffs, it will obviously be chock-full of references, from the very obscure to the blatantly obvious. Film, television, literature and of course comics; no genre will escape some sort of mention or throwback as they go about their self entitled glorious escapades.

By now you’re probably dieing to hear the gist of the film so here it is, minus a lot of the subplots as they are to numerous to mention here. Bear in mind that much is subject to change as the best course for the story is plotted and re-plotted.

The four Fanboys, Bruce, Arby, Tron, and Fat Jack, have written a script and seek to appropriate the funds to film it. A copy of an unpublished comic by a famous figure magically falls into their collective laps, which they immediately see as an opportunity to fill the budget needs. They meet some girls who happen to share similar interests, so a big party commences. This happens to be the previously mentioned fashion show, as one of the fangirl’s area of specific interest happens to be clothing design.

But, during the fashion show some antagonists, in the form of some jealous Fanboys from a different circle, steal all the copies of the script from Bruce. The resulting investigation leads to a brief skirmish among all of the players, until a peaceful resolution is reached in the form of a universal agreement to work on the film together.

It is then through a series of events and luck that the fanboys manage to make enough money to cover the budget, thus allowing them to open a new chapter in their lives and make an independent film.

If you made it this far, thanks for reading.

"Fanboys" is coming soon, to a peer to peer network near you!

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Date:2004-03-13 02:18
Subject:back to the ol grindstone
Mood: indifferent

Tomorrow I start back at Radioshack again. I'm excited because it's a fun job, especially since my buddy Mike from the movie theatre days work there too. And it pays well. That means I'll actually have money again and no longer be the butt of my room mate's lame jokes.

Tonight I watched "Lost in Translation" and I have to say it's the most beautiful film I've seen in a long time, Bill Murray is awesome in it and Scarlett Johansson is such a cutie.

The movie script is getting into the mid 90s page wise and still no word from Josh. It's like he dropped off the face of the earth or something. Hopefully I'll get a hold of him some time this weekend and he'll be available Sunday, as obviously I work Saturday, and after I get off Hope and I might go watch a movie.

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Date:2004-03-06 05:21
Subject:My life and yours...

I could have been a sailor, could have been a cook
A real live lover, could have been a book.
I could have been a signpost, could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle, steady as a rock.
I could be
Here and now
I would be, I should be
But how?
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first.

I could have been your pillar, could have been your door
I could have stayed beside you, could have stayed for more.
Could have been your statue, could have been your friend,
A whole long lifetime could have been the end.
I could be yours so true
I would be, I should be through and through
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first.

I could have been a whistle, could have been a flute
A real live giver, could have been a boot.
I could have been a signpost, could have been a clock
As simple as a kettle, steady as a rock.
I could be even here
I would be, I should be so near
I could have been
One of these things first
I could have been
One of these things first.

That about sums it all up. And in other news, my stand up comedy routine was a hit. Infact the whole classes was. We had the place over flowing, and we made them laugh till it hurt. Yeah, it was comedy gold.

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Date:2004-02-29 02:41
Subject:They need to put more leg room in the back seats of police cars

Got pulled over last tonight on my way home.

Hope and I went to the Art show where Ryan's piece sold for $150. (Way to go bro) It was lots of fun to get all dressed up and go out with the gang. Everyone was freaked out about my hair, because if you haven't heard yet, my Jay like Mane of almost 2 feet of long flowing locks has, as of yesterday, been reduced to just a few inches so that some poor cancer patient can have a wig. What can I say, I'm a nice guy.

They wouldn't serve Hope wine either, so I had to go up to the bar with her coupon (which came with the ticket) and ger her a glass. So after most of the auction fun had been had we went over to Lagle's as it's always a swinging good time there. Watched some Curb Your Enthusiasm, finally, which is in my opinion, Fawlty Towers not confined to a Hotel set, and of course, not British.

So anyway, on the way home from dropping her off I passed two state troopers, so I of course, set the cruise control for 55 like I always do and cruised on down route 40 west. And I saw the cop behind me and I just had this feeling I was getting pulled over, which I did.

He said that he had clocked me doing 64. There is no fucking way I was going 64. But, I didn't argue with him, especially since he locked me in the back seat of his cruiser and proceeded to play 20 questions with yours truely. But I know I wasn't going 64, and even when he showed me the radar detector, I stared in disbelief at the little 64 on the screen.

So any way, he let me of with a warning. What an ass. I know there's a recall button on those devices and that he must of just used the last guy he zapped, because I've been driving on route 40 all my life, and I don't speed at night for 2 reasons... deer and cops. Unless my speedometer is going bad, which isn't likely. So now I'm paranoid that my car is messed up. Like I need anything else to worry about right now.

Anyone else have stories to share about being pulled over by cops?

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Date:2004-02-22 03:04
Subject:3 bars in 1 week?! believe it or not a first for me...

Those who know me well know that I've never been known for the bar scene. I havn't even been to that many bars, but in the past week I went to 3.

BAR 1: BW3s

Went there wednesday night, as I have been for weeks. As I mentioned before, I go with my comedy class and we work on our routines, but just have fun and relax after class. And like before I got some phone numbers of some people who are interested in working on the film (at 83 pages, I've been slacking).

BAR 2: Deep Cut Tavern

That bar that's a whole 500 feet down the road from my house, yet I never set foot in there until I turned 21. Funny huh? Anyway, my old highschool pal Jesse Duff was back in town with his wife, (everyones getting married!!!) and a bunch of us met there and went through a dozen pitchers of beer. That was last night.

BAR 3: the Hi Lo

This of course just happened. I had forgotten that bar even existed and had to be reminded of its location by Anna, who had invited me. At first I wasn't gonna go, but I thought, why not. I'm starting to like this bar thing anyway. So I go and meet them there and they're all so happy and surprised I came. It was me, Anna, her sister Hope, and Angie and her bf Brandon, and a few other people who's names escape me. Anyway, I had a fuck'n kick ass time playing pool with Brandon (who is Josh Love's good twin...or maybe the evil one...come to think of it they could both be evil...bad star trek thing going on here) and dancing with Hope. Anna said that Hope had a crush on me, and I've always thought she was pretty cool, so needless to say I'll be giving her a call soon. Like... tomorrow. :D

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Date:2004-02-04 01:25
Subject:This is about right I think

create your own visited states map

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Date:2004-02-04 00:51
Mood: bouncy

So about a week ago, last wednesday to be precise, I go to a bar with TJ and a few other classmates after class. BTW, this is a nightclass, so we weren't going in the middle of the afternoon. We went there with the intentions of working on our homework. Insane idea you think? Normally yes, unless you're taking a comedy writing class, in which the final is doing a stand up routine infront of a LIVE audience at a local club. This is definatly a great way to do homework, with a cold glass of beer on karaoke night.

I decide to get some of my funnier classmates numbers so I can run the script (which, btw, is almost to 70 pages) past them when it's finished, or maybe even cast them in role. I proceeded to do so and found out a few interesting facts, one guy, named Jobie, has actual acting experience, having been in a made for PBS movie. And another guy, named John, is a friend of Kat's who I've talked to on ICQ many a time in the past years, only just now had met him in person.

Some other people I knew from outside of class showed up and sat at the table behind us. So I table hopped and started to talk to them. There where some ladies with them who I didn't know, with the exception of Karrie who showed up a bit later (I knew her from the movie theatre days). So I got to talking to them, and because I figured I might as well start drafting for the movie, I got their numbers.

But then, after I bounced around a bit more, I really got to talking to one of them. Her name is Sarah Worcester, and she was the only one of them who had insisted on having my number as well. She's into movies, good ones, and other good-times-good-times. Sarah invited me to come along with her to a little get together at Chuck's, and I'm glad I went rather than throwing out one of my usual excuses to avoid social unknowns, as I had a good time. And at the end of the night I knew I should definatly call this one, which I since have.

Anyway readers, sorry such a long post... I never remember to write...havn't got into that habit yet I guess. But I'll keep you posted on the script progress, and what's up in my love life.

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Date:2004-01-18 05:51
Subject:insomnia? nah, i just don't sleep

Yes, your eyes do deceive you. Nate's not posting a blog, this isn't real; face it, you're dreaming...move on...

Ok, so I lied, I'm back. I was laying awake at night, excited with the fact fresh in my mind that Ryan, Josh (Love) and I just had our first script rewriting session. Yes, you heard me correctly. Josh took an idea of mine and turned in into a script, which I in turn spent the last few nights typing up. The script is for a little picture we're calling "Fanboys", and if you can't guess what it's about, you aren't allowed in the theatre to see it.

Anyway, so now you know why I can't sleep. So why am I online writing this do you ask? Well that's a good one. It has to do with movies. As I lay there at night thinking about our script, I couldn't help but wonder what my old friend Josh Lagle would think of it. Then it hit me with a bang that it has been way too long since I had heard from him. Come to think of it I hadn't seen him on AIM recently, and I had been checking, and I even left him a voice mail with no results. Now I'm worried that somethings up, so it occurs to me that since I havn't been able to talk to him recently, I should read his LJ just to make sure nothing crazy has happened. So I jump outta bed, boot up the PC and get online, read it and learn that no, nothing crazy has happened; thank god. Other than the fact that he's super depressed. Shit, I need to be there for him, and I'm not.

So Lagle, until I get ahold of you (or you me) about watching a flic, or working on ours (hell yes I want your input on "Fanboys"), or just plain chil'n ol' tyme style, this is for you:

Remember that time in grade school that we had that sleep over at your place, the one with the pool, and I ran into that pole? It made that loud "ding" noise and I fell flat on my ass. And Steve said that Robbie pushed me into it. We go inside and my ear's all bloody. I don't think it was until highschool that I found out it really was Steve... good times good times.

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Date:2002-11-03 04:48
Subject:Whoa...........just whoa......
Mood: indescribable

I just got back from my very first Halloween in Athens, and oh my god was it crazy. Seth and I met up at about 10 and went to court street, which was flooded with about 10,000 students from all over ohio. We walked around for ever in search of Wes and Kat. I tried calling them repeatedly, but because of all the cell phone traffic I never got through. But, we did bump into a slightly tipsy and, in her own words, slightly slutty snow white, aka, my good friend Marisha! So we worked our way back to her place, as it was freezing out, partied a bit, went back out on to the street, then back to Marisha's to warm up again, then...well, you get the picture. I finally got a hold of Kat and met her back at her dorm; as for Wes, hopefully I can catch him tomorrow before he leaves.

As for the event itself....wow. There must has been 20,000 people there at one point..hearding themselves like cattle over the space of about 3 blocks. All cold, drunk, and trying to get chicks to show them there tits like it was going to be the birth of the next girls gone wild video. And no, I didn't chant along...but I couldn't help but watch. Hey, you would too, it's some funny ass shit!

Oh man, it was so crazy that I don't even know what to write about. Let me just say this, if you've never been, I hope you can make it down sometime. Simply wild.


Dante Hicks: "But you hate people."
Randal Graves: "Yes, but I love gatherings. Isn't it ironic?"


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Date:2002-10-25 03:02
Subject:Damn it. I've been forgetting to update this thing. Oh well....
Mood: cheerful

I had meant to write in this thing at least a couple times a week, but I've had alot on my mind and I forget about it.

So to make up for it; a funny story about the greatest irony ever. I have this class that's an independent study class. We get to do whatever we want for it, and once a week we meet around a big table in nice comfy leather chairs to discuss things. Our instructor, the great John Butler, asks us how things are going then proceeds to educate us on some random but useful aspect of media, be it about new multi-tracks, experimental technology, or...how to hide a microphone on a persons body....which was his chosen topic of tonights little gathering.

Now I realize that this by its self has no comedic value. Allow me to provide you with one more key piece of information; Conrad, a new friend of mine, was secretly recording tonight's meeting via a small microphone hidden under his wrist, with the chord running under his sweater sleeve and do a DAT deck on his belt. This was for a project of his, but that does'nt really matter for this storey. Oh, and Conrad kinda sounds (and looks) like Norm McDonald (which I'm sure he hears all the time so I havn't mentioned it to him) so keep that in mind as you read this.

John: Conrad, is there something wrong with your arm?

Conrad: Why, no John, it's perfectly fine. What makes you think that there's something wrong with it? (looks around innocently)

John: Well because you're holding it kinda funny...

Conrad: What? What's so funny about the way I'm holding my arm?

John: ........Nevermind. This next mic is the size of a tack, and is flat and black which makes it easy to hide in the hair...

After class I bumped into Conrad in the hall and we both immediately just burst out laughing.

Conrad: From now on, whenever anyone asks me to define irony, I'm telling this story.

I think I will too.

That was last wednesday.

I spent the weekend with the British. That's right, the British. There is a student from Britain taking classes here, and her boyfriend came to visit her for 10 days, so we all hung out for most of the weekend. It was so damn cool talking to them about life across the ocean and comparing little things about their cultures. Kat and I took them to all the great American places; wendy's, wal-mart, a mall....ok, maybe not so great, but they still enjoyed themselves. Then we went to a hockey game, which was fun, even though I knew more about the game then they did, which is sad because what do I know about hockey? Then the weekends main event, at least in my mind anyway...Fight Club on the bigscreen! God did it kick ass. Seth met us there, and he hadn't seen it before, so it was fun to watch his reactions. He about shit himself at the end.

Speaking of Seth brings me to the present day today err something like that. Anyway, we biked across town to his girlfriend's mom's house, because she had an old laptop to give us, one of the same brand as mine. We were hoping to cannibalize it for parts. Turns out it was so old that it was absolutely useless. So we tore its ass apart (of course). It was damn good fun, even when I cracked the harddrive open and it exploded all over the place. The damn thing was made of some glass like substance and it shattered into many little tiny peices that made a big mess.

Anyway, we have plans for this broken laptop...mwah hah hah haaa. Having taken all the screws out and thoroughly broken everything inside, we're going to re-assemble it, take it to a public place, then "accidentally break it" in public. Of course, we're going to record it all for our new show, "Teched off!" LOL! Ok, so maybe that's not funny to you, but it is to me.


Tyler Durden: "Oh I get it, it's very clever."
Narrator: "Thank you."
Tyler Durden: "How's that working out for you?"
Narrator: "What?"
Tyler Durden: "Being clever."
Narrator: "Good."
Tyler Durden: "Well keep it up then."

- *Fight Club*

PS - Guess who was up last night until 5 AM cramming for an exam that ended up getting moved to monday?

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Date:2002-10-14 03:38
Subject:Another weekend over.
Mood: bouncy

Let's see here, what did I do this weekend?

Friday night I made a beer run (Gus wanted Guiness..that stuff tastes like coffee!) and we, we begin; me, Gus, Elise, and Kat, watched "The Nightmare Before Christmas" because Gus had never seen it. While we watched, I noticed how worn out the tape had gotten over the years. Sigh...one more I gotta get on DVD now.

My parents came down to stay at Strouds Run State Park, which is a whole 15 minutes north of my dorm (10 the way I drive) so I went to see them, and my dog of course, on saturday.

Today, or yesterday technically since it's now 3:30AM, I watched a few movies. They were *Friday the 13th* which is just classic, not to mention Tom Savini's kickass makeup special effects work! and comedy central's made for tv movie *Porn and Chicken*. It was ok...I was really just curious and couldn't resist. I'm sure they will run it about 15,000 times if you really want to see it...afterall, they played it twice in a row tonight!

I spent as much of my spare time as possible working on my filmscript. The movie is called "Always Lock the Doors". I'm on page 9 of 90 as of now. Maybe I'll post it when it's done, or at least parts of it, that is if I actually finish this one. But chances are good since it's for a class. Wish me luck.

That about sum's up the weekend...just throw in some rain and some other stuff and it's complete. Oh, and the Daft Punk cd that I got off of ebay arrived, and I bought the book; "Cleese Encounters", an unauthorized biography of John Cleese, used from amazon for like 7 bucks. Hardcover even. I might shop there more often.

Movie quote of the day:

The Mayor of Halloween Town:
"Jack, please, I'm only an elected official here, I can't make decisions on my own!"
*The Nightmare Before Christmas*

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Date:2002-10-09 05:15
Subject:Just another day / life, the universe and everything
Mood: depressed

I didn't really do anything today. I just sat around, thinking about dropping out of school, but then I just wouldn't know what to do with myself. Not that I really do anything now. I don't even know what I want to be doing anymore. I just want to be free of all of this thought. Sometimes I wish I was dumb. Then I'd have a real excuse, other than, "How can I get there if I don't know where I'm going?"

I explained my theories of life, the universe and everything to Gus sometime last week. Maybe some of you have heard me rant about them...my theories on evolution, the human mind as a computer, technology intergrated with life, the artificial creation of life, emotion as the result of an over evolved instinct, various stuff like that. I think it blew his mind. He said that I should be a philosophy major with deep thought like what I was producing. But what does one do with a philosphy major?


Richie 'Baumer' Tenenbaum
"I'm going to kill myself tomorrow."
*The Royal Tenenbaums*

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Date:2002-10-08 07:00
Subject:E.B.A.Y. stands for the question "Empty Bank Acount Why?" for which the answer is...


Oh well, at least it's cool shit. Here's what...but of course theres a story attached that you have to read first in order to get to the list of shit I bought. Figures that I would do such a thing, but this is me typing, not you...so anyway...

Gus, my cool neighbor and new friend, comes over and we get into one of our many discussions about dvds. Some how John Cleese comes up, and being the huge fan of his that I am, I have to whip out Fawlty Towers and toss it in the DVD player. He, this proving that he's cool in my book, took interest, watched a few episodes, laughing through them, and asking me questions as we went along. I knew most of them, but had to get on www.imdb.com to answer the rest. THIS of course, me being online and looking up all of John Cleese's work, led me to the money sucking program that is Ebay, where I bid on so much John Cleese stuff, including (but not limited to):

A kick ass framed picture of John and Fawlty towers, autographed with official papers.
The Life of Python DVD box set.
The biography of John called "Cleese Encounters"
A tape of third rock from the sun which has the episodes he guest-starred on.
The whole set of the Muppet Show episodes on VCD, just for one episode in which John happens to star.

So remember kids, next time you go to buy that tank of gas, your lunch, or those school books...remember this one thing...

The shit you really need is on Ebay.

MOVIE QOUTE OF THE DAY: (ok, tv show in this case...)

Basil Fawlty:
"I think I'll have a lie down. No I won't, I'll go and hit some guests."
*Fawlty Towers*

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Date:2002-10-07 04:18
Subject:Hello? Is any one out there?... tap tap tap Hello? Is this thing even on?... tap tap

Well world, I finally gave in, err, got around to doing this thing. Me, taking the plunge. Doing what kids my age do.

Am I talking about moving out and going to college?

Well, I could be, because I did do that...but that's just not what I'm talking about.

It's this:

Opening the ever-so-trendy Live Journal! Yes. Me. Nate. Finally. Everyone else is doing it, and yes, now so am I. So it's officially time for the rest of you to stop doing it so that I look like an ass. Wait, just kidding; don't do that. please...

But here I am and I'm writing my first entry.

And the question that lies on everyones mind....wait, no, just mine....will anyone actually read it?

Anyway, on to some real news......ok, I have none.

In other, also known as not-so-real news or even "fake", news I have re-discovered candy cigarettes and am once again addicted. For those of you against smoking, I will repeat, that they were indeed the candy-yestheymakethose-cigarettes as opposed to real-andcrammedfulloftobaccoandcarcinogins-cigarettes.

That is all.


Hot Rod:
"We can't hold out forever Kup, but we can give them one humongous repair bill!"
*Transformers: THE MOVIE*

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